"We prefer to build relationships rather then just gain clients. We think of our clients as partners. And we always stand by our partners through thick and thin."
- Zackery Ferguson

The iTstandby team is here to provide the guidance you need to navigate the uncertain and ever changing world of information technology.

Whether you want to grow your business through more effective marketing on the Internet or improve your team's efficiency through better organization and resource management, we can assist you in realizing your goals.

A thorough analysis of your overall informaton technology needs is the first step in creating a plan that strategically targets achievement of your goals.


What We Do

iTstandby is a full-service technical support company. We provide custom programming, web-development, web-marketing, data management, networking, hardware consultation services and much more.

About iTstandby

iTstandby is a DFW based company. We support organizations of all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity from South Texas to the DFW Metroplex and throughout the state.

Contact us today to find out how technology can help solve general efficiency dilemmas of all sorts.